1953, fall semester Lee attends Public School 44 (PS44) in New York City Harvey attends Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans
1954 Lee and his mother live at 1454 St. Marys in New Orleans Harvey and the Marguerite Oswald impostor live at 126 Exchange in New Orleans
1955, spring Lee is in the 9th Grade at Beauregard JHS Harvey is working full time at Dolly Shoe (and was fired by Louis Marzialle)
1956 Lee's mother is living at 3830 W. 6th St. in Ft. Worth, TX Harvey, Robert, and the Marguerite Oswald impostor are living at 4936 Collinwood
1957 Lee joins Student Squadron 3383 at Radar School in Biloxi, MS Harvey is at the same Radar School, but in Student Squadron 3386
1958 Lee is in the U.S. Marine Corps in Japan Harvey is working at Pfisterer Dental Lab in New Orleans
1959 Lee is with CIA sponsored anti-Castro guerilla groups in LA and FL Harvey "defects" to the Soviet Union
1960 and 1961 Lee visits Bolton Ford in New Orleans and asks about purchasing trucks to send to Cuba While Harvey is still in Russia, FBI director Hoover writes a memo stating someone may be impersonating Oswald
1962, April Lee visits Texas Employment Commission (XIX, p. 399) Harvey is still in the Soviet Union, now with his wife and daughter
1963 Lee sets up Harvey as the "patsy" for the assassination of JFK Harvey is working at the Texas School Book Depository
Nov. 22, 1963 At least five eyewitnesses see Lee depart Dealey Plaza in a Nash Rambler station wagon Harvey departs Dealey Plaza via bus and taxi, as stated in the Warren Commission Report
Later on Nov. 22 Lee is seen driving a 1957 blue two-tone Plymouth with license plates belonging to J.D. Tippit's best friend, Carl Mather, who worked for Collins Radio Harvey is sitting in the Dallas jail. He claims he is "just a patsy," but is soon murdered by Jack Ruby, who formerly ran guns to Cuba.

    The FBI and the Warren Commission Coverup

In January 1960, five months after Harvey Oswald “defected” to the Soviet Union, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote a memo stating that someone was using Lee Harvey Oswald's birth certificate (click here to see memo). On January 20, 1961, while Harvey Oswald was in Russia, LEE Oswald appeared at the Bolton Ford Dealership in New Orleans to purchase ten trucks for Cuba on behalf of former FBI agent Guy Banister and Gerald Tujague's Friends of Democratic Cuba (LEE Oswald worked for Tujague in 1955-56). On March 31, 1961, a memo was sent from the passport office to John White, an official at the consular section of the State Department, reiterating the concern about two Oswalds originally expressed by Hoover nine months earlier. In the fall of 1961, while Harvey Oswald was still in Russia, Police Officer Charles Noto arrested LEE Oswald and Celso Hernandez on Breakwater Road on the Lakefront in New Orleans. In April, 1962, while Harvey Oswald was still in Russia, LEE Oswald visited the Texas Employment Commission in Ft. Worth and filled out form E-40a, Aptitude Profile Test (APT) B-1002 and the Occupational Aptitude Pattern test (WC XIX, p 491). There is no doubt that Hoover knew about a LEE Harvey Oswald in the United States while Lee HARVEY Oswald was in the Soviet Union.
Hoover's knowledge of two Oswalds became clear the day after the assassination of President Kennedy. Hoover sent agents to Stripling Junior High in Ft. Worth to confiscate HARVEY Oswald's school records. FBI agents were sent to the Pfisterer Dental Laboratory, Gerard Tujague Company, J.R. Michaels, and Dolly Shoe in New Orleans to confiscate all of HARVEY Oswald's employment records. These documents, and others like them, comprised much of the evidence that two young men shared the identity of Lee Harvey Oswald. Most of these documents were never given to the WC and disappeared. And documents that were given to the WC by the FBI were photographs (not originals) and many had been altered or fabricated. In May 1999, Mr. Armstrong found a document at the National Archives indicating the FBI had a procedure in place which routinely allowed the alteration of testimony of its own agents before the Warren Commission, sometimes over the objections of staff attorneys. The document indicated that a procedure was set up to handle these objections and to persuade the staff to go along with the alterations.
Click button at left to see FBI document describing procedures to alter Warren Commission testimony.

Click button at left to see a Warren Commission document in which WC staff attorney Albert Jenner writes to WC general counsel Rankin concerning background information on Marguerite Oswald and Lee Harvey Oswald. He wrote, "there are details in Mr. Ely's memoranda which will require MATERIAL ALTERATION and, in some instances, OMISSION."

Oswald Never Purchased a Mail Order Rifle

The Postal Money Order allegedly used to purchase the rifle that supposedly killed JFK is perhaps the most unexplainable document published by the Warren Commission. A quick look at this money order (see DOCUMENT link below) shows that it was never deposited nor cashed at a bank. It does not have a single bank stamp on the front or reverse side. Yet the WC wants us to believe that this uncashed, never-deposited money order was used to purchase the rifle that supposedly killed President Kennedy. All monetary instruments deposited to banks or financial institutions (1962-63) were stamped by the bank into which the item was deposited, stamped by a correspondent bank, and stamped by the originating bank or institution when the item was returned. A US Postal Money Order (PMO) purchased in Dallas, TX, and sent to Kleins Sporting Goods in Chicago, would have been date-stamped when deposited to their bank (First National Bank of Chicago). The PMO would have been stamped a second time after passing through a correspondent bank and/or the Federal Reserve System. Finally the PMO would have been stamped a third time when returned to Federal Postal Money Order Center (FPMOC) in Kansas City. But the money order given to the Warren Commission did not have a single bank endorsement stamp and was not found at the FPMOC in Kansas City. The absence of date-stamped bank endorsements means this PMO was never deposited to a bank nor cashed by Kleins Sporting Goods. Yet we are supposed to believe that Klein's Sporting Goods shipped a rifle to Oswald in Dallas, TX and that he used this rifle to kill JFK.

This never deposited money order first appeared in the hands of Robert Jackson, an employee of the Federal Records Center, who lived in Alexandria, VA. Neither Mr. Jackson nor any employee of the Federal Records Center was questioned about the money order by the FBI or Warren Commission or HSCA or the Secret Service. At 9:35 PM (11/23/63) Jackson hand delivered this money order to J. Harold Marks, a Finance Officer for the US Postal Service, at his home in Arlington, VA. The initials that appear on the back of this money order were made by Jackson, Marks, and other Federal officials who took possession of the money order. The Secret Service made 5 photostats of this money order and sent the photostats to Dallas. The following day (11/24/63), at 10:00 AM, Secret Service Agent Grimes gave the original PMO to the FBI, and the money order soon vanished. The Warren Commission accepted photostats of this money order as "proof" that Oswald purchased this mail-order rifle from Klein's Sporting Goods in Chicago. Apparently, not a single member of the WC nor its attorneys nor staff questioned the authenticity of this money order nor questioned the absence of a single bank stamp/endorsement.  To verify the authenticity and bank routing of this PMO, the Warren Commission only needed to ask the US Postal Department to conduct "payment research" on the money order. There is no cost for this service, but the results may have been a bit difficult for the WC to explain.

The Postal Money Order allegedly was purchased at the Dallas Post Office on March 12, 1963 at 10:30 A.M. According to Warren Commission documents, this money order was deposited into Klein's bank account in Chicago on February 15, 1963.  The Warren  Commission expected us to believe that the money order was deposited in the  First National  Bank of Chicago on  February 15,  1963--a month BEFORE the money order was purchased in Dallas! The money order and bank deposit printed in the Warren volumes in 1964 are both good examples of how the WC manipulated "evidence" in an attempt to frame Oswald as the Lone Assassin.  Oswald never purchased this money order nor was this money order ever deposited in Klein's bank account.  If Oswald never purchased nor received a rifle from Klein's, then he could not have posed for the Life magazine photo and he could not have carried the rifle to the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Click button at left to see this U.S. Postal Money Order that was NEVER cashed, NEVER exchanged, nor EVER deposited into a bank or financial institution. The only stamp on the back was "rubber stamp" endorsement from Klein's Sporting Goods, the rifle retailer.  Also included for comparison are a series of checks issued to Oswald that show multiple bank stamps on each and every item. Also shown is the WC "evidence" showing the money order was "deposited" a month before it was issued.

Mr. Armstrong Shares his Work with Fellow Researchers
In the mid-1990's John Armstrong began delivering speeches at JFK conferences. In 1997 he gave a presentation and brought in Dr. Milton Kurian from Massachusetts and Palmer McBride from Sun Valley, CA., who both spoke to the audience. In the 1997 "November in Dallas" conference he presented his most up-to-date research on the two Oswald's. His speech at NID98 expanded on some of the themes of the previous year's talk and included references to very recently released documents. In May, 1999 he gave a presentation at the University of Minnesota's "Death of JFK" conference. This speech included a good introduction to "Harvey and Lee" and clearly showed how the FBI suppressed, ignored, fabricated, altered, and destroyed evidence in order to frame one of the young men for the assassination and to hide the intelligence operation that enveloped both of them. It is probably the best introduction to Mr. Armstrong's work currently available.
Harvey and Lee: Tippit Shooting (written in 2014--significant updates show involvement of both Harvey and Lee)

2011--Poague Library at Baylor University copied more than 101,000 of Mr. Armstong's documents. Click here to access those documents.

A Fellow Researcher Responds to "Harvey and Lee"
James Norwood, "Lee Harvey Oswald: The Legend and the Truth" 
Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language

Documenting and Writing "Harvey and Lee"
Early Years of Harvey and Lee
The Two Marguerites
Who Was Harvey?
North Dakota
Tall Lee and Short Harvey--School Daze
Marine Corps and the Soviet Union
Harvey in Russia... Lee in the USA
Oswald did NOT Purchase a Rifle from Kleins
Oswald did NOT purchase a Pistol from Seaport Traders
The Mexico City Hoax

Setting Up Harvey Oswald as the "Patsy" *NEW*
November 22, 1963

Laura Kittrell Meets the Two Oswalds
Oswald and the CIA: Wilcott's Testimony
Magic Tooth, Vanishing Scars
The Man Who Could--And Couldn't--Drive
Manipulated, Fabricated, and Disappearing Evidence

History of US Postal Money Orders

The FBI Fabricated Rifle Documents
The Coverup Continues...
The Two Steve Landesbergs and Lee Oswald in NYC

Using Fabricated Government Documents to Merge the Identities of Harvey and Lee.... 1955.... 1956.... 1957.... 1958
Marina met Robert Webster (1st American "defector") and then met HARVEY Oswald (3rd American "defector") in Minsk 
Fabricated and/or previously unexplained documents

The Bare Facts about Jack Ruby

"I was part of a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy that involved others...."
--Jack Ruby to Dr. Teuter

"These people are in very high positions...."
--Jack Ruby to news reporter (televised)

"My motive was not patriotism, but rather to silence Oswald...."
--Jack Ruby to Dep. Sheriff Maddox

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