Below is the Money Order the Warren Commission alleged Oswald used to purchase the rifle that supposedly killed President Kennedy.  Scroll down the page to see how legitimate financial instruments involving Oswald were stamped and processed.

The only stamp on the back appears to be from Klein's Sporting Goods, Inc.  (The circular image bottom left is bleed-though from the front of the document.)  The various initials dated November 1963 are by Federal employees who handled the document after the assassination.

Legitimate financial documents have numerous stamps on the front and back indicating transit through various financial institutions.  Below, for example, are vouchers issued to Lee Harvey Oswald by the Texas Employment Commission.  Note the many stamps in these photostatic copies reproduced in the Warren Commission Volumes. 

Similarly, below are Warren Commission photostats of cancelled paychecks issued by Leslie Welding, one of Oswald's employers.  Note the various stamps front and back. This is how REAL financial documents are processed! (Be sure to scroll down below these documents to see how the Warren Commission attempted to "prove" that Klein's Sporting Goods actually received and deposited this money order.)

There is little reason to believe that the money order allegedly used by Oswald under the alias "A. Hidell" is a legitimate document.  But when the Warren Commission tried to prove that this money order was indeed deposited by Klein's Sporting Goods, the difficulties become laughable.

The Warren Commission asked Klein's Vice President Waldman to identify the deposit of the $21.45 money order as one of the entries included in a total deposit of $13, 827.98, which he did (Waldman exhibit 10).

Waldman Exhibit 10

Now, let's take a look at this deposit slip as shown in the Warren Volumes. First, there is no bank stamp or date stamp on this deposit slip. Second, look at the DATE on this deposit slip (not the list of individual amounts) and you will see that it is dated February 15, 1963--a month before Oswald's order was even received by Klein's....a month before!! This was the ONLY deposit slip presented by the Commission, yet they knowingly used this deposit slip, dated February 15, 1963, to help prove that Oswald ordered a mail-order rifle from Klein's on March 12, 1963. The FBI and Warren Commission also used dubious paper copies, allegedly from Klein's microfilm, to link Oswald to the rifle and frame him for the assassination.

There is no credible evidence whatsoever linking Lee Harvey Oswald to the rifle that allegedly assassinated President Kennedy.  None!  And if Oswald never ordered nor had possession of the Mannlicher Carcano rifle, then the photo of Oswald on the cover of Life magazine was a deliberate attempt to frame him, as was placing the rifle on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository where he was employed.