After receiving Mrs. Cole's letter from the Secret Service, the FBI located and interviewed her son, William Henry Timmer (Mrs. Cole had divorced and remarried when William was young). In a 7-page FBI report Timmer, who was two years younger than LHO (Timmer was born 5/14/1941), indicated that he meet Oswald in the City Park in Stanley, North Dakota in the summer of 1953. Oswald introduced himself to Timmer as 'Harv' or "HARVEY Oswald." This is the first known occasion where where the young, Russian-speaking youth, who often spouted Communist propaganda while growing up as a teenager, identified himself as "HARVEY." The second occasion would occur six months later, in January 1954, in Myra DaRouse's homeroom class at Beauregard Jr. High School in New Orleans.

HARVEY Oswald spent a lot of time with Timmer during the next two months of the summer of 1953. They went swimming at the reservoir, rode their bicycles at the city park, and visited the small library. HARVEY told Timmer that he had been all over the country. Timmer was impressed by this kid "from the big city" who talked of gang fights in New York City and of making weapons with razor blades stuck in potatoes. HARVEY carried a pamphlet in his back pocket and on one occasion showed it to Timmer and remarked, "I'll bet you've never seen anything like this". It was a pamphlet on Marxism. Where would young Oswald get such a pamphlet? From his father and his uncle in New York City, who were, according to the woman who spoke with Mrs. Tippit, "Hungarians and spent all of their time on Communist activities."

While young William Henry Timmer and Oswald were riding their bicycles, Timmer's mother, Alma Cole, saw Marguerite Oswald (the impostor) in a dress shop that was owned by her cousin, Francis Jelesed. Francis, who also saw Mrs. Oswald at the Jelesed’s restaurant, described her as loud and said that she wanted everyone to know that she was from Texas. She described Mrs. Oswald as having grey hair, glasses, and no more than 5’3” tall. Alma Cole remembered that Mrs. Oswald wanted people to call her son “Lee Harvey” rather than just “Lee.” Mrs. Cole recalled that her son William was with Oswald when he (Oswald) stole a book, written by Karl Marx, from a small library in a room of the Memorial Building in Stanley. The book was Das Kapital, which (HARVEY) Oswald showed to Palmer McBride several years later in New Orleans. Following his "defection" to the Soviet Union in 1959, HARVEY Oswald told the story of his discovering Das Kapital to UPI news reporter Aileen Mosby.